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HomeSIT Cape Town is a group of locally based, reliable housesitters & pet sitters, founded in 2015 by experienced house & pet sitter, Paula Jackson. Paula identified the need for house & pet sitters whom clients could trust, based on the fact that they were screened and accountable to a Manager, and had been trained to uphold a certain standard when they went into people's homes.
Since we opened we have had countless clients who have found our service invaluable. Many of them had had  bad experiences in the past using inexperienced/ self-recommended housesitters or the 'teenager down the road'. Other clients simply value our no-hassle booking service and dependable, animal-loving petsitters.
Our Cape Town housesitters:

Most of our housesitters are responsible young adults (students and young professionals) with house and pet sitting experience and references. We do have some older sitters too if that's what you'd prefer!

We look for sitters with a great attitude to life and to caring for your home. We also make sure that we only engage sitters who have been successful in their own lives, career/ education.

We require work and education history, as well as employment and character references from our sitters. Any applicants are interviewed and screened by HomeSIT's Founder and Manager, who takes great care in selecting house sitters for our team. All sitters are trained in our policies & procedures, tested on them in the interview, and monitored continually to ensure good service. As such, we can guarantee your satisfaction with their level of maturity, initiative and responsibility.
We trust our sitters to look after your homes and pets. And you can too.

Meet your Admin team

reputable housesitter Cape Town
Karen photo (1).jpg
Paula Nokuthula Jackson

Founder, Owner, Manager

HomeSIT Cape Town is an initiative started by Paula Jackson.


Paula (33) has lived in Cape Town since the age of 2. She went to school and university here, before obtaining a  Masters degree in African Studies from the University of Oxford (2012).


Paula lectured in South African Political Thought at UCT and is now a freelance academic researcher. Her research interests include African customary law; land reform; and the social history/ lived experience of ordinary South Africans.


Paula loves all forms of dance. She has done ballroom and latin, salsa, swing and sokkie! She teaches dance as entertainment for events through Dance Link (barn dance teaching/ calling; themed dance-based icebreakers for parties; wedding dance lessons and more).

She is a member of Christ Church, Kenilworth.




















Karen Herring


Karen (42) is a Hotel School graduate and a mom of two. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, she worked in the Hospitality Industry at restaurants and guest houses as well as an au pair in the UK. 


She grew up always having at least 1 dog in the house and is currently the owner of 2 rescues. She horse rode for most of her teenage and early adult years, and her hobbies include travelling, Pilates, cooking and has she recently ventured into the world of stand-up-paddle boarding!


Karen tries to live by the mantra 'Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take, but rather by the moments that take our breathe away!' Trying to remember to always find the beauty in life around her.

Nuraan Fataar

Nuraan (32) is an LLB graduate who also completed her LLM in Transnational Criminal Justice, International Criminal Law, Organized Crime and Money Laundering. While she no longer practices in the legal field, she still has a keen interest in world politics and human rights issues.  


Her interests include discovering all South Africa has to offer, working out at the gym, sewing and baking. She believes that we are all capable of ‘more’ and we should always do more of the things we love.


She loves all animals but her favourite pets are cats, which she has had most of her life. She has a little rescue cat called Lex who rules the house with his mischievous antics.

Meet your sitters

Amy and Liam.jpg

Amy and Liam

Home and Pet Sitters


Amy (22) has a BA in Archaeology and Linguistics from UCT (2020) and is a qualified EFL teacher.

She is currently doing an internship with SANCCOB.

Amy grew up in a house with dogs and fish. She and her parents currently have 3 dogs.

Liam (22) is a TEFL teacher and teaches from home. He loves animals and all things ocean related. He plans on studying Marine Science.  Liam grew up with dogs and he has friends and family with dogs whom he has

looked after many times. 

Marike Lauwrens 3.jpg


Home and Pet Sitter


Marike (28) has an Honours degree in Corporate Communications.  She now works as a Digital Marketer.


Marike also assisted in a veterinary practice doing admin and general duties. She learned a great deal about animals’ health and general well-being. 


She has past housesitting experience and loads of enthusiasm to adapt and tend to the needs of each individual home owner.

house sitter/ pet sitter cape town


Home and Pet Sitter


Kelvina (age 30) has an LLB Degree. She works from home as a compliance officer. This allows her plenty of flexibility for house and pet -sitting. She is the proud owner of a dog, a kitten and two guinea pigs, all of whom are cared for by her husband while she is house sitting. She adores all her pets and has always had multiple pets.


Kelvina has been a house and pet sitter for the last ten years. Her hobbies include reading, watching movies and series, and baking.

She is a homebody who always enjoys spending time at home.

Gus Kelly Picture.jpeg


Home and Pet Sitter


Gus (42) worked as a Baptist pastor before being medically boarded due to brain damage which caused him to lose much use of the left side of his body. He lived predominantly bed bound in a frail care centre for six years but he has subsequently learnt to walk again and is pastoring a church of homeless and unemployed people in Brooklyn. He spends most of his time working from home is currently writing a devotional book to

assist people with their Scripture reading and a course on ‘How to live loved.’


He has a wide experience of working with animals ranging from elephants to hamsters. He takes every opportunity he can get to walk up to the contour path in Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden



Home and Pet Sitters


Being the daughter of a vet,Emma (26) has grown up surrounded by all sorts of fantastic furry friends such as dogs, cats, turkeys, chickens, horses and pigs.


Emma is a high school teacher. House and pet sitting is ideal for her, given that she benefits from lengthy school holidays during the festive season.


She enjoys going for runs and walks, preferably on the mountain.

Jessica Bredekamp pic.jpg

Jessica B 

Home and Pet Sitter


Jessica is a tutor and has a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Religious and Classical studies. She will be pursuing her Honours in the coming year.

Jessica has cared for many dogs and cats. She has gained house and pet sitting experience over the last 4 years.


She also has some experience with rescue dogs.

Outside her academics, her interests include exercising, reading, and trying new foods and restaurants. Jessica is an active member in her local church.

Denisa _pic (2).jpg


Home and Pet Sitter


Denisia Adams (35) has a virtual assistance business providing admin and operational support.


Denisia grew up with animals (dogs, cats, fish) and loves all things animals and finds much joy being around them!


She loves learning and experiencing new things through activities, people, places, adventures, writing, blogging and reading.


Michelle E 

Home and Pet Sitter

Michelle (28) is an empath that adores both people and animals. She is currently studying Occupational Therapy.

Growing up, she was surrounded by farm animals and pets and as such her love for animals started from a young age.

She has travelled quite a bit and lived in places like the UK, USA, Namibia, and Gauteng. She worked as a special needs teacher in Namibia, before deciding to further her studies. Her interests include photography, running, swimming, hiking, being outdoors or watching a movie.



Home and Pet Sitter

Lezel (53) worked as an office coordinator at a jewellery company for many years, and a while ago decided to start her own business, which she runs from home.


She is an animal lover and grew up either having a cat (her favourite) or smaller dogs in the house. Her interests include cooking, visiting interesting coffee shops, exploring new places with family and friends, going to the theatre, spending time in nature and a keen promoter of Cape Town and surrounds.



Home and Pet Sitter

Vincent (22) is currently completing his 2nd year of doing a BSc in Information Technology.

Besides studying, he is a freelancer, freelancing in web development, software and app development, and user experience, which gives him the flexibility to work from home or anywhere.

Vincent grew up around animals, two dogs and two cats. He has been taking care of people’s homes and pets, particularly family friends and immediate neighbours for quite a long time.



Home and Pet Sitter


Kirsten (60) retired after 36 years at Nedbank in February, currently invigilates at a high school in Cape Town.

 She qualified as a tour guide and is fluent in German. Kirsten is looking forward to guiding visitors

around Cape Town.


She has had cats most of her adult life and at present has one cat. Kirsten’s hobbies are walking, reading, keeping up-to-date with news.



Home and Pet Sitter


Chris (25) is studying his BA in motion picture medium and is in his final year of academic study. 


His interests include all things creative as in conceptualizing and collaborating. His passion lies in videography, photography and post production. 

He loves the ocean and loves books and fully enjoys a good workout as well as any team sports with some good friends.


Chris grew up with cats, dogs, rabbits and even ducks! Animals are a true blessing and they reflect God’s creative touch. We are so blessed to be ambassadors and care takers for God’s animals.

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