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This means our experienced home and pet sitters will live in your house for the time you are away. They will go about their normal schedules including work/ studies but will always make sure they spend time in your home, with your pets; that your pets are walked and fed at appropriate times; and that domestic and/ or garden staff are let in or out at the times you have requested. The housesitter will also sleep in your home for every night that you have booked with us.

Our standard GPS service accompanies this service.


Perfect for those who just need a quick daily stopover at their home! A visit lasts up to 40 mins & can include: Pet playtime/cuddles, pet feeding, letting pets out for potty breaks, short dog walks, replacing cat litter/picking up dog poos, collecting post, checking that all is in order at the house.

Our standard GPS service accompanies this service.


Dog Walking Excursions

This service is ideal for those who have long days at work and need someone else to walk their pooch(es) or for those dogs who simply need a lot of stimulation and activity that we can give them during the day. Let one of our fabulous walkers come and visit your dog/s and take them out for a jaunt around the nearest park/ mountain/ beach depending on your area. Walks will be 45 mins long. We will collect your pooch from your home, go out and exercise them, throw a ball if your dog likes to play fetch, and return them tired and happy to your house or garden. 

Our standard GPS service accompanies this service.

What our clients say

“Another great experience, thank you so much for always making us feel at ease. :)”

Robyn Campbell, Vredehoek

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