Live-in and Sleep-in Home sitting service


This means our experienced home and pet sitters will live in your house for the time you are away. They will go about their normal schedules including work/ studies but will always make sure they spend time in your home, with your pets; that your pets are walked and fed at appropriate times; and that domestic and/ or garden staff are let in or out at the times you have requested. The housesitter will also sleep in your home for every night that you have booked with us.

Home and Pet Visits

Perfect for those who just need a quick daily stopover at their home! A visit lasts up to 40 mins & can include: Pet playtime/cuddles, pet feeding, letting pets out for potty breaks, short dog walks, replacing cat litter/picking up dog poos, collecting post, checking that all is in order at the house.

Standard rates

Last minute booking?

Last minute booking? Need to book flights/accommodation urgently? Need to meet your sitter quickly? 


We have fast tracked service rates for anyone who requires us to do any of the following within 3 calendar days:


- assign you a sitter

- guarantee your booking 

- organise for your sitter to meet you


These are all part of our normal service but if you ask us to do them within 3 calendar days, please be aware that our administrators do not work full time and any of the above requests may require them to:


- work outside their normal working hours

- work on weekends/ evenings  

- prioritise your sit over other requests even if they organise it within their normal working hours


We are still happy to accommodate your urgent request but please note the additional admin fee for fast track service below. 

Extras/ Special requests  (not included in our standard service)

Do your pets need extra attention & more time spent in your home? 

The extra time commitment Add-on is for you! See below.

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