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Dog Walking Excursions

This service is ideal for those who have long days at work and need someone else to walk their pooch(es) or for those dogs who simply need a lot of stimulation and activity that we can give them during the day. 
Let one of our fabulous walkers come and visit your dog/s and take them out for a jaunt around the nearest park/ mountain/ beach depending on your area. 

Walks will be 45 mins long. We will collect your pooch from your home, go out and exercise them, throw a ball if your dog likes to play fetch, and return them tired and happy to your house or garden. 

The Dog Walks are also GPS Tracked!

GPS Tracking Service:


We know how much you love your pets and worry about their well being and if everything is in order while they are out on a walk with a dog walker, therefore our service includes GPS tracking! If you've booked a dog walker with us, you'll receive an email of your dog's walk including maps, distance, updates/pictures and times allocated to the walk!


Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 21.25.29.png

What does this mean for you?

You will able to receive immediate updates and a timed and tracked location of your dogs walk with his/her sitter takes. 

How will it work?

Once the sitter has concluded the walk, you will receive an emailed report of the length of time of your dog's walk, the start and end time,  the route walked and a photo of your fur baby living it up :) - here you can see where your dog was, how long the walk or visit was, and the sitter may include any comments or pics or necessary info to accompany the map.

Last minute booking?

Last minute booking? Need to book flights/accommodation urgently? Need to meet your sitter quickly? 


We have fast tracked service rates for anyone who requires us to do any of the following within 3 calendar days:


- assign you a sitter

- guarantee your booking 

- organise for your sitter to meet you


Extras/ Special requests  (not included in our standard service)

If you are ready to book a sitter or if you want to enquire about availability of a sitter for your specific dates and area, please submit a Booking Form (below).

Please scroll down within the form box to complete the questions and submit your booking request.

What our clients say

“Another great experience, thank you so much for always making us feel at ease. :)”

Robyn Campbell, Vredehoek

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