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Would you like to join our team of dynamic, responsible house

& pet sitters?

Your opportunity as a house & pet sitter through HomeSIT:

  • Access to numerous house & pet sitting opportunities


  • Choose when & where you work


  • Get paid for spending time with & playing with pets, walking dogs, cuddling on the couch with cats :)


  • Earn for your hard work; for being reliable; & for taking responsibility on the job


  • Receive training from HomeSIT on how to be the best house & pet sitter you can be & keep the clients you serve feeling comfortable, secure & happy


  • Receive help/ guidance from HomeSIT with any emergency situations that may arise with the house/ pets


  • Be secure in your job description & gain protection (from lack of payment/ unreasonable client demands)

HomeSIT House Sitters
HomeSIT Live-In Service
HomeSIT Dog Walking

We are looking for people who are:

  • Reliable (i.e. You can be counted on to arrive on time, follow through with commitments, take responsibility for any mishaps on your part during sits etc.)


  • Trustworthy (Clients have to feel completely comfortable having you in their home with their belongings & looking after their beloved pets. The HomeSIT manager needs to be able to know she can trust you completely – that anything you tell HomeSIT administrators is completely truthful)


  • Good Communicators (You must be able to be clear in correspondence with clients and with HomeSIT administrators. You must inform HomeSIT administration of anything that goes wrong at any point or anything that we would want/ need to know about, occurring during the sit/ between yourself & clients)


  • Disciplined, Thorough & Organised (We have a very comprehensive online system that sitters need to update to show their progress with arranging to meet clients, checking in & out, & logging any problems etc)


  • Polite & tactful (You need to be polite to clients at all times and mindful of the way you communicate with clients and with HomeSIT administrators/ manager)


  • Good with people & with pets! (Natural people skills or being comfortable around new people is helpful in this work. Wanting to be around/ loving pets is a must. But above all be honest. If you only like cats and don’t want to take jobs with dogs, for example, or you don’t feel comfortable with big dogs, let us know. Dog walking is usually required for jobs with dogs.)


  • House sitting experience is preferable. Otherwise the applicant should be able to point to other experience that shows that they would do the job well


  • If you work flexible hours or have a job that involves a lot of work from home that will be helpful too


  • You need to spend time in the house if you are house sitting for us, especially if there are pets that need some company. Working full time does not exclude you but then you need to be sure you can spend time in the house when you are not working.


More on what we do for you:


  • We take good care of the sitters on our books. We do all the admin work so it’s a ‘no admin, no fuss’ experience for you. You can enjoy and focus on taking care of people’s pets, walking dogs, cuddling fur babies ; taking pride in your work and being a responsible and reliable sitter for clients.


  • We make sure clients give us all the info that may be needed for a successful sit, including emergency contact info for if anything goes wrong with their house/ pets.


  • We make sure clients pay us before you move in so that you are assured of payment for your work.


  • We provide sitters with job security through our deposit and cancellation policies.


  • While you are responsible for checking the pet’s daily health; being alert to possible signs of illness or dis-ease; and informing HomeSIT and the client if there are any problems, we ensure that transporting pets to the vet and/ making any pet health/ vet/ medication/ operation related decisions doesn’t fall to you. (This can be a precarious position to be in if you cannot guarantee that the clients will pay you back for money you spend; and/ you could be blamed for whatever decision you make on possible pet treatments)


  • We secure your position through a Terms and Conditions document for clients and provide you with clear Job Procedures and a sitter contract so you know exactly where you stand; what is expected of you, and what is not.


  • We are available for you to email/ call if you face any situations you’re uncertain how to handle.


  • We reward good work through our client-sitter rating system, which ensures more job opportunities for you in the future

Minimum Requirements: Questions for Applicants


  • Do you have experience looking after any of the following pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, birds, fish)?


  • Do you love spending time with pets?


  • Do you have experience looking after your own or others’ homes? [You need to have been the primary person responsible for the home and any pets for a period of time (minimum a few days at a time)].


  • Are you security conscious (you are alert and careful with opening and closing gates; locking doors; leaving lights on at night when out; collecting the post etc)?


  • Do you have experience making sure the home is secure by using alarm systems; and handling any emergency issues that arise for a periods of time (minimum a few days at a time)?


  • Do you have a clean criminal record?


If you answered yes to all of the above AND you think you possess the additional qualities referred

to earlier, we'd love you to complete an Application Form, with your CV, references, cover letter etc.

Please email with any application related queries.


We accept applications year round but only conduct interviews every few months. You will be notified should you be selected for an interview.

Registration Fee

If you are accepted to join our team you will need to pay a once off fee of R250 to get registered on our system. This fee is not refundable. (You will have covered the cost of the registration fee within 2 nights

of house sitting for us). This fee is only payable once you have been accepted as a sitter. It is not an application fee. 

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