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Home and Pet Sitter


Nell (38) has a degree in Publishing. She works on a freelance basis publishing school text books. On weekends she volunteers as a medic for an ambulance service.  There were always animals in her house growing up – dogs and cats, chickens and silkworms, hamsters and parrots.


She has house and pet sat for various clients and is very comfortable with any animal. She loves walking and playing with dogs as she is a runner who loves the outdoors. 


Home and Pet Sitter


Caitlin (26) was born and raised in Cape Town but currently lives in Bloemfontein during term time and pet sits during the holidays. She has a BSc degree in zoology and botany, and is currently studying a BSc degree in forensic science.


Caitlin enjoys listening to podcasts, reading, watching documentaries, and doing Pilates. She loves all animals having grown up with a multitude of pets – including 5 cats, 4 dogs, 5 guinea pigs, 3 hamsters and multiple fish, although she has to admit that she has a special affinity with cats. She has three adopted kittens called Bean, Grey, and Simon. She also has experience in pet sitting for more unusual animals like parrots, chinchillas, and a bearded dragon. 

Jean-Pierre and Mineschke

Home and Pet Sitters


Jean-Pierre (30) works as an Educational Administrator and Mineschke (24) is studying for her Honours in Organisational Psychology. 


Jean-Pierre and Mineschke have grown up with dogs and adore them. They are unable to have pets at their current residence but look forward to the day when they can be pet owners again! They get along well with both dogs and cats. They both enjoy reading, walking on the beach, spending quality time together and attending theatre productions.


Home and Pet Sitter


Sarah (26) grew up with German Shepherds, hamsters, rats, birds and a hedgehog named Maggie Thatcher (she was a prickly little lady). She is originally from Durban but studied and now works in Cape Town. 


She has lots of experience housesitting for long periods of time, most notably while au pairing in Ireland when she found herself in charge of a house, two toddlers and a goldfish. Her hobbies include rock climbing and both road and trail running – preferably with a four-legged friend at her side.


Steve and Kirstin 

Home and Pet Sitter


Steven (33) and Kirstin (30) are Cape Town locals, who have been married for 7 years. Steven studied music at UCT and is now a composer and copy editor. He works from home, making him an adaptable house sitter. Kirstin took over the role of Head of History at a Cape Town high and middle school. 


They have a love for travelling and have recently returned from living in London for a year where Kirstin was studying an MA in Education. They enjoy animals and both grew up with dogs. They are actively involved at their church.

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Home and Pet Sitter


Nina (24) was born in Cape Town and has a Psychology honours at the University of Stellenbosch. She is currently working as a Social Science Research Apprentice and is expanding her CV with Psychology workshops, courses and other formal employment skills. 


She grew up in Scarborough amongst baboons, rain spiders, a wonderful Border collie, many loving cats and adorable hamsters. 

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Jessica M

Home and Pet Sitter


Jessica (20) is currently studying and obtaining her Diploma in Consumer Science: Food and Nutrition. She is also a tutor, tutoring in English, Art and Consumer Studies for primary and high school learners all over the Southern Suburbs.


Jessica enjoys many sports - such as hockey and swimming and she currently plays hockey for the Western Province Cricket Club as a goalkeeper. She has also recently become a certified hockey umpire. Jessica loves all types of animals, she currently lives with two dogs and a cat and she gets great joy from taking care of, and spending time with them.

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Home and Pet Sitter


Andrea (68) has been teaching for 47 years and is now a part-time remedial teacher. She studied her BA at the University of Cape Town. She also lived in Korea for six years teaching English.

She enjoys walking with her friend and her two Jack Russels, over the weekends. She also enjoys reading, cooking and entertaining. She is happy to take care of your dogs and cats and any other pets you have at your home.



Home and Pet Sitter


Jolene (47) born and raised capetonianis a qualified ECD and TEFL teacher who has left her longstanding teaching career to pursue her passion for writing. She is a published writer (Poetry and Prose) currently in the process of drafting a non-fiction manuscript.


Jolene grew up with having dogs as pets and has experience in house sitting both dogs and cats mainly, in the Tamboerskloof area where she has worked and lived for the past 11 years. As a writer she is viewed as an ideal house sitter as she will be present at the residence for long periods of time.

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Home and Pet Sitter


Taryn (33) grew up in Somerset West and trained as a Beauty Therapist in Stellenbosch before embarking on a 7-year career overseas, in the Super Yacht industry. This industry installed her passion for travelling, and one of her favourite duties was caring for the yacht owner's little pooch when he was onboard.


Taryn now is a Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist in Cape Town over the weekends. Taryn has a real passion for animals, and grew up with dogs, rabbits and hamsters. She is currently the proud owner of her own kitty, Minky so is available for pet visits.


Home and Pet Sitter


Alexander (27) is a born and raised Capetonian, who is now qualified as a fine artist, having graduated from Ruth Prowse School of Art in 2015. 


His career means he has very flexible hours, making him an ideal house sitter. He is an active member of a running club. Alex lives with two dogs and loves meeting other people’s dogs and cats.

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Home and Pet Sitter


Aqeelah(23) is a final year Molecular Biology and Biotechnology student majoring in Microbiology and Genetics. Aqeelah is also a part time science and mathematics tutor for high school students. 


She had pets of her own growing up, including dogs, cats and hamsters. She loves getting to know all pets and their individual personalities and quirks.


Her hobbies include: hiking, outdoor activities, playing soccer, cooking and baking.

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Jessica F

Home and Pet Sitter


Jessica (31) moved to Cape Town from P.E to study occupational therapy a few years ago.


She is currently studying data science and artificial intelligence.  She is looking to merge these new skills with her existing occupational therapy skills for exciting future endeavours.


Jessica loves playing with animals and has experience looking after homes and pets. Her primary interests include jazz, lindy hop and swing dancing.  She is also a keen board gamer and enjoys walks/runs in nature.



Home and Pet Sitter


Danielle (31) is a freelance copywriter and full time creative who spends way too much time and money on coffee.


Danielle grew up with one great love, a chubby little Dachshund named Purdy. 


She enjoys nature and puppies, especially together! She also enjoys hiking, reading and a good podcast. 


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Home and Pet Sitter


Meryl (38), is an avid gardener and runner who loves the mountains. Whilst living in the US she often took her friends’ dogs on day hikes in the mountains, and even looked after a cow, three dogs, a cat and around 40 chickens when her friend went on holiday. 


She studied Sports Science and went on to do her postgrad to become a science teacher in the US. She is currently working for a web hosting company that enables her to work remotely.